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    Settima was established in 1978, thanks to the ideas and commitment of Eng. Cagnani, who wanted to produce silent, high-technology and limited cost screw pumps.

    The entrance of his sons in the firm, close to 2000, saw extending a long tradition centered on continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and constant product innovation.

    In almost fourty years of history, Settima was able to achieve several records and designs of excellence, such as the introduction of helical rotor pumps (first on the global market), and numerous international patents, including the famous continuum ®, the first silent pump in the world.

    The organization of Settima is constantly focused on obtaining the best allocation of resources and expertise.

    More than 80 employees, experts in precision machining, are the heart of Settima manufacturing, organized in three shifts, for the best use of the production systems.

    A network of 30 qualified suppliers, all certified ISO 9002 and located near production facilities, ensures the optimal flow of semi-finished products, according to the production schedules, and the possibility of continuous technical assistance.
    An engineering department, equipped with advanced design tools, allows to quickly respond to the needs of developing special projects, dedicated to solve specific design needs of customers.

    Settima has a constant R&D activity, which enabled the creation of innovative products, such as the Continuum® pump, a unique mechanical component, able to provide unmatched performance and silence. For the realization of this project, the original corporate structure was enlarged, giving life to a company, Settima Flow Mechanism, that made a reality the possibility of a pump combining the characteristics of gear and vane pumps with the silence of screw pumps. In 2013 Settima Flow Mechanism was incorporated to Settima Meccanica and uses the proven experience and commercial structure of Settima to develop its market, experiencing tremendous market success, as evidenced by the received awards and the growing volumes of requests.

    Attention to the market, care for the detail, development of the staff are the key factors of a growth that has been able to overcome even the most critical moments of the Italian and world economy. Today Settima is a leading European manufacturer of screw pumps and has more than 1,000,000 installations worldwide.

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