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    SMT 16B SMT 16B 3d
    SMT16Bシリーズは中低圧 (40 bar)に対応する工業用三軸スクリューポンプであり,長寿名及び低コストを必要とする作業環境に最適な低騒音の信頼性のあるポンプです.SMT16Bポンプはもっとも基本的なポンプの一つであり,回転部の3本のねじはどんな軸方向に作用する荷重も避けることができるように設計されています.運転中にかかる圧力は流体学的な力を分散させる同時にシーリング部分の潤滑・冷却作用を促進します.普段ならスクリューの側面に伝わるトルクは吸い上げられた流体にそのまま伝わります.これは回転部のねじが摩耗されることなく回転できることを意味します.



    Types Dry (SMT16B) or submerged (SMIT16B)
    Models 20 - 25 - 32 - 40 - 45 - 55 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 110 - 125 - 150 - 180
    Installation Free for SMT16B. Submerged (totally or partially) for SMIT16B - Foot mounted for model 125 and up.
    Flanges ISO 3019/2
    Connections SAE 3000 - BSPP
    Drive loading No axial or radial loads
    Shaft rotation Clockwise (from shaft end) , (suitable also for counter clockwise rotation)
    Flows From 4 up to 3.200 L/min (for model 20 to 110) - From 1.700 up to 4.900 L/min (for model 125 and up)
    Outlet Pressure Up to 40 bar
    Inlet Pressure Min. -0.7 bar max. 3 bar(2)
    Fluids(3) • Ecologic fluids HETG, HEPG, HEE
    • Synthetic fluid or emulsion: HFA oil-water emulsion, HFB water-oil emulsion 40% of volume, HFC water/ glycole – water max 35 to 55%, HFDR phosphate ester
    • Lubrication high viscosity oils
    • Special synthetic fluid: MIL-H, SKYDROL,
    • Fuel oil: MGO, MDO, Low sulfur MDO and HFO
    • DMX (ISO8217), DMA, DMB, DMC, DMZ
    • Bunker oil, furnace oil, engines oil, heating oil, hydraulics oils DIN 51524
    Viscosity From 2 up to 10.000 cSt(4)

    Seals polymer (shaft, O-ring)

    NBR, FKM, EPDM (5)
    Seal type TM, TMK, TMZ, FGM
    Acoustic Emissions From 52 up to 68 db(A) at 2.950 rpm value based on ISO 4412 test procedure
    Pump Body Aluminum alloy

    Pump body (special applications)

    Cast iron, steel. Hardened steel and stainless steel available on request

    Screws Steel for main screw , idler cast iron
    Screws (special applications) Core hardened steel screws, surface treated screws
    Environment Temperature From - 50 ° up to + 100°C (6)
    Hydraulic Temperature From - 50° C up to + 300° C (6)
    Filtration Permissible degree of fluid contamination NAS to 1638 class 10 or ISO DIS 4406 – 19/16. Recommended filtration ß 25 ≥ 75
    (1)For shaft speed lower than 1.000 rpm and over 1.800 rpm please contact Settima.
    (2)For higher pressure please contact Settima.
    (3)For request of different fluids please contact Settima.
    (4)For level of viscosity lower than 20 cSt and over 320 cSt please contact Settima.
    (5)For special seals please contact Settima.
    (6)For higher/lower temperature please contact Settima.
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